Super Retro Sourcebook

Warsong: Fate Of Eldorande
Class Guide: Blade-Siren
Get your nostalgia fix for the old retro console games right on your tabletop with this fully Pathfinder compatible supplement!
Soldiers of destiny battle an ageless void to determine the fate of an entire world in Warsong: Fate of Eldorande.
The Blade-Siren class guide is a call-back to a beloved D&D class. Higher Grounds' own Pathfinder take on an eldritch D&D class!

E. Meritus

Game Designer
Higher Grounds' own personal FInal Girl, E. Meritus has a penchant for the dark arts of horror writing and game design, E. Meritus is known in certain circles as the in-your-face author of several tabletop hits. A knack for gritty disturbing settings and unique mechanics, E. Meritus is the featured designer for Higher Grounds in the month of October. This month, E. Meritus will summon the cult classic Slasher RPG, a game of survival horror for the FATE system. 

..and who doesn't like to play the villain once in a while?